Beginners Guide to an Industrial Air Compressor

Have you ever wondered how an industrial air compressor works?

Well, wonder no more! With this beginner’s guide to an industrial air compressor, we’ll help you understand how it works and what it can accomplish.

What is an air compressor?

Basically, an air compressor is a machine that turns power into energy that is contained in the form of pressurized air. Air compressors are able to accomplish this with the help of either an electric motor or a gas-powered engine. Industrial air compressors are used in a variety of places ranging from gas stations to industrial plants.

What’s the difference between a regular and industrial air compressor?

Although both have the same function, there are differences. For starters, an industrial air compressor is much larger than the ones found in homes. In addition, the receiver tank is also larger, which allows for greater capacity and a bigger engine that can handle more power.

Who uses industrial air compressors?

The popularity of air compressors is rather impressive. In fact, they’re used in almost every industry. Here’s a list of a few industries that use an air compressor:

  • MiningPlasticsAerospace
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • PharmaceuticalsWastewater treatment

If you’re interested, research further to know what other industries benefit from an air compressor.

After reading this beginners guide to an industrial air compressor, the question that remains is which is right for you? Which air compressor best suits your industry? There are many companies that can help with this dilemma.

Diversified Air Systems, Inc. is one of these companies. We’ll help you come up with a solution to all of your air compressor problems. For more information, call our toll-free number at 800-929-4247 today!

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