Maintaining Your Bergen County NJ Hot Water Heater

by | Aug 1, 2014 | Plumbing-Installation

Whether electrical or gas, water heaters play a key role in the home. The good thing about them is that they require very simple maintenance procedures in order to keep running properly and efficiently. While they can last for over a decade, annual maintenance can extend the life of the water heater and help the owner to save money. While carrying out the maintenance of the Bergen County NJ hot water heater, you should be careful as you will be dealing with gas or electricity. Read the instruction on the tank for turning off the electricity or gas.

Dial down the temperature

You should begin the maintenance of the water heater by adjusting the temperature settings on the water heater. This is usually a thermostat on an electrical water heater panel or a knob on the gas valve. The temperature settings should be dialed down to between 115 and 120 degrees F. The lowered setting enables you to reduce the energy usage of the Bergen County NJ hot water heater.

Check the temperature and pressure valve

The temperature and pressure relief valve plays a key role in providing safety and in the proper operation of the water heater. It is easy to check this simple but critical valve. All you need to do is to lift it up on the part of the lever and release it to let it quickly snap back. This allows water to be released to the drain tube producing a gurgling sound. If this doesn’t happen, it is an indication that the temperature and pressure valve is faulty and requires replacement.

Perform a mini flush

As the water gets pumped into the water heater tank, sediments, dirt and many other minerals settle at the bottom. Removal of these products is essential to improving efficiency and preventing rust and corrosion. While a complete draining of the water heater tank can work, it can be an involved process and requires the water heater to be shut down.

The best way of extending the lifespan of your water heater is by regular maintenance. You can follow these simple guidelines to ensure that your water heater remains in a good condition. If the need to replace your water heater arises, you can buy a top quality one at

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