Need a Residential Roofing Company in Philadelphia?

by | Jan 29, 2016 | Roofing

Along with a strong foundation and sturdy walls, a good roof is a vital part of every home. The best way to put a reliable roof over a house is to hire a Residential Roofing Company in Philadelphia. Their skilled builders can construct a long-lasting roof in a short amount of time. Here are some of the roofing options available.

Asphalt shingles are always popular as a roofing material because they are affordable, yet they often stay in good condition for up to 30 years. They tend to be one of the least expensive kinds of roofing to install as well. Slate roofing is more costly, both to purchase and to have installed by professional roofers. It takes special skill to install a slate roof. What slate offers is that it is an exceptional investment as it can last for 100 years or more. This keeps it from having to be replaced in a few decades and adds to the value of the property. Tile roofing has similar features to slate, meaning that buying it and putting it in may cost more initially, but it can also last 100 years or more.

Another material that has been catching the interest of homeowners is rubber or EPDM roofing. It is a relatively affordable option that is generally easy to repair, and it can last up to twice as long as a shingle roof. EPDM roofing tends to be very durable and holds up well to extreme weather conditions. Similarly, TPO roofing is becoming better known to residential customers who appreciate its durability and the low cost of installation.

Metal roofing is another option and, although it can be fairly expensive, the price is partly made up for by how affordable installing it is. Metal is also exceptionally strong and tends to be fire resistant. No matter the kind of roofing that is chosen, it is important to remember that every house needs good gutters to control the flow of rain off the house. Many roofers offer the convenient service of attaching gutters to go along with the new roof.

When there’s a need for a roof to be installed, have it put in fast by a Residential Roofing Company in Philadelphia. Visit Website to learn more about all the great roofing materials to choose from.

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