Repairing or Installing New Roofing in Urbana IL

If you have recently had storm damage to your roof or noticed water spots appearing on your ceiling, you may need anything from a small repair to a new roof. It may be time to contact a contractor for roofing in Urbana IL or near you. The contractor can perform an inspection to evaluate the condition of your roof for repairs or replacement. They can also let you know if the damage was caused by high winds or age. Then you will know whether your insurance will cover the repair or replacement.

If it needs to be replaced, this may be your chance to change the look of your roof. Shingles come in several different colors, but there is also steel roof choices as well. Talk to a roofing contractor like SK Exteriors to find out if you will need any additional roof support for a steel roof. Also, check with your homeowners association to see what is allowed for your subdivision. Steel roofs last much longer than shingle roofs and need no repairs or upkeep. However, they do cost more. Shingled roofs are more lightweight so they do not need extra support. They cost less, but do need additional repairs from time to time such as replacing loose shingles.

Roofs leak due to storm damage, improper flashing around chimneys and attic pipe vents or even worn materials. Your local roofing in Urbana IL contractor can install new flashing with the proper sealant to close off those leaks as well as replace any damaged shingles. If the roof has to be replaced, they will tear off and haul away the old roofing, then apply the new roofing materials with flashing giving you a great looking roof with leak protection. They offer warranties for their work as well.

When you notice leak problems, don’t wait. Research roofing contractors near you and find out what services and warranties they offer. Let them give you an estimate that will fit your budget or that your insurance will cover. They will give you quality work that will last and look great. You will get compliments from your neighbours!



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