Restoration for Smoke Cleaning Must Be Done Immediately

by | Apr 28, 2016 | Restoration

Whenever a business or home is affected by a fire, a good deal of damage can ensue. Fortunately, today, smoke cleaning methods make the process easier. If you are impacted by fire damage, then you cannot put off any kind of smoke cleaning operation. Fires from kitchen flare-ups, frayed electrical cords or fireplace flues can result in charred walls and imbedded odors. If you don’t move fast to clean up the mess, walls, carpets and furniture can be permanently ruined.

Ventilate the Smoky Space

If you start the smoke cleaning process right after a blaze, make sure you wear eye protection, gloves and a face mask. You should also use a respirator to prevent particles of smoke from settling on your lungs and skin. A house or building should be ventilated as soon as possible to mitigate smoke damage.

Once a fire is put out, the house should be ventilated quickly. That means opening the windows and doors and turning off the heating and cooling system. Industrial fans should be rented to ensure the smoky air is sucked from the area. Soot and ash should be vacuumed with a shop vac. Make sure that the cleaning equipment nozzle is held just above the soot and debris as pushing down with the nozzle could cause staining.

Wipe Down the Furniture and Appliances

All hard surfaces should be wiped down and cleaned, including appliances, furniture and countertops. The walls and ceiling should be washed and the soot wiped away with a dry sponge. A vinegar spray will normally remove some of the more stubborn stains. A paint thinner can also be used for soot or smoke stains as long as you keep the windows open and the room well-ventilated.

All food that has not been sealed should be discarded and HVAC filters replaced. For extensive damage, call smoke damage professionals to get rid of the odor and make sure that everything is restored to your satisfaction. The new and innovative techniques that are featured today make use of such processes as ozone generation to attack odors and duct cleaning to clear away smoke residue and soot.

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