2 Reasons Why Water Is Leaking From The Bottom Of Your Exterior Door

by | Feb 12, 2020 | Construction & Maintenance

Your alarm sounds off and you suddenly wake up frantic. Looking at the time, you realize that you are running extremely late. The steady rainfall last night had you in deep sleep, so deep that you didn’t even hear the alarm for a good hour. Rushing downstairs to leave for work, your feet are soaked and the area near the entryway is flooded. You gasp and begin to quickly look for leaks on the ceiling. Nothing. Upon closer inspection, it looks like it is coming from the exterior door and it is leaking at the bottom. Today, we will talk about 2 reasons why this may have happened.

Warped or Curled Concrete

In a world where severe changes in climate have become a norm, our homes are also severely affected by the changes, particularly the concrete in and around our homes. When concrete is exposed to extensive moisture and humidity, the term warped or curling will occur. This means that when moisture builds beneath the concrete slab, it will begin to crack or deform (usually upwards), which can cause water to leak into your home.

Damaged Weather Strip

Another reason why your exterior door is leaking at the bottom is perhaps due to a damaged weatherstrip. As its name suggests, a weatherstrip is used to prevent air and water from entering your home through the bottom of your door. When it is damaged, you may experience flooding even with light rain or experience a higher energy bill because outside air is making its way inside your home.

These are only to mention 2 reasons or causes for water to be leaking through the bottom of your exterior door. If this happens often, consider a more permanent solution to not only prevent water from entering your home but to also drain water away from it. Also read our recent blog What You Should Know About a Door Threshold and Why They’re Important.

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