3 Reasons Why Homeowners Order Cast Stone Fireplace Mantels in Salt Lake City, UT

by | Jan 17, 2018 | Construction & Maintenance

Stone fireplace mantels have long been considered upscale decorating elements that add prestige and value to Salt Lake City homes. For centuries, artisans crafted them from natural stone that had been painstakingly quarried. Today residents often have specialists design custom cast Stone Fireplace Mantels in Salt Lake City UT. The choice offers them a huge range of elegant styles and colors. Specialists like Stone Mountain Castings & Design also provide design help, quick installation, and guaranteed quality.

Cast Stone Provides Unique Benefits

Clients often choose cast Stone Fireplace Mantels in Salt Lake City UT because they are very trendy and prized for their elegant, sleek appearance. In fact, recent surveys show house hunters were willing to pay more for properties that included cast stone elements. It is also much less expensive to replace original mantels with cast stone than with natural materials. Since cast stone is lighter than natural materials, many homeowners opt out of expert installation and use supplier-provided installation kits to finish the projects themselves.

Homeowners Can Choose From Dozens of Mantel Styles

When clients are interested in cast stone mantels, designers consult with them in their homes and determine their needs. Homeowners can select from over 40 designs and 19 color choices. Experts can design cast stone mantels in almost any color and style combination that clients imagine. They will then create renderings for homeowners’ approval. Customers can easily alter mantels during this phase because cast stone offers incredible freedom of design.

Artisans Will Create Custom Mantels

In addition to dozens of stock designs, customers can order custom cast stone mantels designed to their specifications. That is possible because cast stone allows artisans to create products using nearly any three-dimensional form. Finished mantels can be elegantly curved or be created using straight edges. They may include details such as channels or brick effects. It takes two to three weeks to create each project.

Homeowners who want to increase home values often order stone cast stone mantels. Clients can choose from stock models and colors or design custom projects, which are usually ready within three weeks. Cast stone mantels are light enough for many homeowners to install their own.

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