A Land Survey is Vital When You Buy or Sell Property in Iowa

Whether you are purchasing new land or want to build on property you already own, there are a lot of reasons to hire a land surveyor in Iowa.

First of all, among the many reasons why hiring a land surveyor may be beneficial, a land survey may be required before moving ahead with your plans. One reason why you may need a survey is if you need to decide whether or not a new project will encroach on a neighbor’s property. You may also need to determine whether or not you are a building in a flood zone. Finally, if you’re a developer, you definitely need one if you are laying out a subdivision.

These are just three of the many reasons why hiring a land surveyor in Iowa may be necessary. In general, it’s a good idea to hire a land surveyor prior to any land titles changing hands. That’s to ensure you know exactly where the property lines are. Likewise, a survey should be performed before any property is subdivided, as well as before you begin construction on any land that is near existing buildings or roads.

These are just a few, basic guidelines to help you decide whether or not you need a land survey. Whenever you are in doubt concerning your property lines, or whether the area is appropriate for building, consult with a land surveyor

For more detailed information about whether you need a land surveyor in Iowa for your property, contact Bruner, Cooper & Zuck, Inc.

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