A Roofing and Residential Painting Company In Honolulu Gives Good Service

Exterior renovation contractors who provide more than one product are good to find when a home needs work. A company that is experienced in the styles and construction types in Honolulu is also a good resource when it is time to have work done. A company that will take care of the roof, exterior painting needs, and general contracting services is very helpful when there are many jobs that need doing. One contractor to deal with is better than multiple ones.


The unique building styles of Honolulu require special expertise when roofs need repair or replacement. A Residential Painting Company in Honolulu that also specializes in roofing can repair or replace the roof and also do any exterior painting that needs to be done. The roof and the paint are the same age in many cases and so if one needs work, so will the other. The unique roofs of this island often need special knowledge to repair or replace.

Some roofs are too unique and have places where water ponds or leaks happen. A good roofing contractor can redesign a roof so that these problems are eliminated and the roof still looks great. The same contractor will often do repairs on an existing roof until it needs to be replaced and then they can do the re-roofing also.


The moist conditions of island living are great for people but not so great for paint on home exteriors. A residential painting company in Honolulu can scrape off loose paint and replace it with new paint designed for this climate. Intricate designs and trim require a careful painter who takes the time to do the job right. A new paint job can make a home look new again. A different color of paint can add new interest to a home.

Other Services

The contractor who offers painting and roofing may also offer other services. Companies such as David’s Custom Roofing & Painting, Inc. offer services such as gutters, electrical, solar, plumbing, and building needs. While a homeowner has the company painting and or roofing, they can have them repair the gutter system, install a solar water heating system or fix the plumbing or electrical service. For additional information, click here.

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