Basic Info About Waterproofing Your Basement in the Fairfax, Virginia Area

Water is important to the welfare of every single organism on planet Earth. Outside of requiring water for each and every cell inside our bodies to operate, we also use water for bathing, cooking, and cleaning. We never want water to make it inside our homes in unwanted places, however. Get ready to understand how a waterproofing company in Fairfax VA can help your home.

One Size Fits All? Not for Waterproofing

Experts widely claim that homeowners should avoid seeking out basement waterproofing services from a waterproofing company in Fairfax VA that applies the same methods of waterproofing to all or most of their clients’ homes. You should only seek out waterproofing help from providers that customize their services to your particular home.

Cracks in Your Basement’s Poured Concrete Walls?

This situation can be fixed in several ways, though arguably the single most effective and affordable means of repair is crack injections, which consists of injecting a durable material made out of polyurethane or epoxy into those cracks. However, know that this is typically only suitable for minor cases of water leakage in basements.

Grade Your Yard

Your yard isn’t anywhere near your basement. However, grading your yard is important, which consists of sloping your yard so that water runs away, rather than toward your home.

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