Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Anderson CA Can Help Homeowners Increase the Home’s Value

by | Oct 14, 2015 | Construction & Maintenance

When a person sells a home, bathrooms are an important bargaining tool. The number, square footage and luxury level of a home’s bathrooms all come into play during a sale. A bathroom remodel is a great way to increase a home’s value, and it can raise selling prices by up to 20% in some instances.

Homes With Multiple Bathrooms

If one’s current home only has one bathroom, they should consider adding more, as single-bathroom homes are harder to sell. Start by studying other local homes and see if the number of bathrooms is higher or lower than average. Adding a bath to a master suite is a great value addition when it’s time to sell.

Bathroom Size

Increasing the square footage of a bathroom with Domain is a project that’s guaranteed to increase a home’s value. If the current bathroom is small, the homeowner should consider enlarging the space to make it more appealing to potential buyers.


When selling the home, the owner should consider the family who will potentially be using the bathroom area. For instance, double sinks are great for couples and for teens who share a bathroom, and larger houses typically sell to larger families. While it’s possible for families to survive with a single bathroom, today’s housing market is sufficiently competitive that sellers should consider asking Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Anderson CA adding more frills to the home to increase marketability.

Luxury Level

The bathroom is becoming a retreat for homeowners who want a spa-like experience in the comfort of home. The benefits of a luxury bathroom remodel from G & S Construction can be attained by enlarging the space, adding a Jacuzzi tub or a specialty shower. For example, steam showers are growing in popularity, as are other bathroom gadgets.

Other Considerations

When hiring Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Anderson CA, homeowners shouldn’t overlook simple projects in favor of more complex ones. New tile and a fresh coat of paint can dramatically change a bathroom’s look but there should be consistency in the colors and style chosen. By carefully considering which projects to undertake, a homeowner can enjoy their luxurious new bathroom and they can reap the rewards when it’s time to sell.

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