Caring For A Wood Deck in Minneapolis

After a wood deck is installed, taking care of it is necessary, so it looks its best. There are several maintenance steps to undertake to keep a deck free of damage and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Here are some routine care tactics to handle each year.

Check For Protruding Nails

In time, the nails that keep a deck constructed may loosen from routine use. It is important to do yearly evaluations of the planks to check for nails that are not snugly secured within them. Use a hammer to realign nails in their proper positioning when necessary. It is wise to keep a box of deck nails on hand to swap with those that become rusted or bent.

Fill In Cracks And Replace Damaged Boards

If a deck board gets a crack in its wood, filling it in is necessary to maintain the stability of the flooring in this location. Wood putty works well at filling in cracks. This pliable substance is easy to insert into a crack with help from a putty knife. Allow the putty to harden and use a piece of sandpaper to smooth out rough portions afterward.

Avoid Using Harmful Agents As Needed

Do not use chemical agents in the vicinity of a deck as they can cause alterations to wood. It is important to refrain from using pesticides and landscaping materials near the wood without covering it with a tarp first. Store chemicals in a location away from the deck as well.

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A deck requires yearly staining to protect it from premature wear. Stain comes in a variety of colors and works well at repelling water and thwarting stains. Simply brush stain over the planks and use a dry, clean piece of cloth to rub it into the wood in an even manner. Use a circular motion for uniform color and protection.

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