Clogged Drains in Phoenix: Common Causes and Preventive Strategies

A clogged drain in a Phoenix home is inconvenient and frustrating. The drain might be noticeably slow or no longer releasing water at all. Calling a plumber for assistance is the best option for ensuring the pipe becomes completely free of debris. Understanding the common causes of the problem allows the household to prevent this situation in the future.

Kitchen Culprits

In the kitchen, common culprits for blocked drains include food particles and hardened grease. Lint from dishcloths may also be a problem if anyone washes dishes by hand. Some individuals prefer washing their hair in the kitchen sink, and that’s a common choice for households with only a bathtub and no shower. Hair can go into the pipe and start creating a clogged drain in Phoenix.

Showers and Bathtubs

Hair is a major cause of clogs in showers as well as in bathtubs where people wash their hair. Thick, oily conditioners can worsen the hair accumulation problem. Lint from socks washing into the pipe adds more material to a gradually slowing drain.

Preventive Strategies

If the home doesn’t have a garbage disposal, the person who washes dishes by hand should scrape off excess food into the trash. Wiping away grease and oily substances like salad dressing is also important.

Hair-related clogs can be prevented by using strainers with holes small enough to catch even fine hair. Strainers are available for flat drains and pop-up drain covers, which are usually found in older bathtubs.

To get help with clearing away a drain clog, contact Rooter Ranger Plumbing today.

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