Custom Designs for Masonry in Cambridge MA

Whether an office building needs constructing, a patio is desired for the backyard, or the City wants to add walkways to a park, nothing matches the beauty or durability of natural bricks and stones. Creative masonry in Cambridge MA provides freedom to make distinctive patterns, add contouring colors, and come up with custom solutions that will suit the needs and preferences of homeowners, business owners, municipal officials. An experienced company has the staff and craftsmen to discuss the needs and desires of the customer, develop a great design, and then build the structure or pathway to last well into the future. Bricks and stones can last for hundreds of years, and retain their natural beauty, with proper maintenance.

Bricks and stones are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, so possibilities for completed projects are just about limitless. Stains are also available to create patterns, symbols, logos, or designs into a driveway, wall, chimney, building, or entrance. New construction, additions to existing structures, placing a fireplace indoors or outdoors, and adding a full outdoor kitchen are all great ways to utilize masonry in Cambridge MA. Facades and veneers are also available. They are thinner layers of bricks or stones that are attached to the existing wall or building to get the look without having to construct a new wall or building. A breathable mesh is placed between the original structure and the veneer layer to prevent moisture, mold, or bacteria from building up. A layer of insulation can also be added to increase the energy-efficiency of the building.

Inspections, repairs, replacement, and restoration of masonry is also available. Proper maintenance, chemical striping and cleaning, and power washing are recommended to keep structures looking their best, and sustain the structural integrity of the structure. Most repairs and restorations involve the mortar between the bricks and stones. That typically lasts for twenty to thirty years, so it must be maintained to prevent bricks from coming loose, cracks from allowing moisture into the interior, or mold and mildew growing on the outside. Exposure to the elements, neglect, and improper cleaning can cause mortar to crumble and fail. Maintenance and repairs are much more cost-effective than total replacement. Schedule an appointment for inspection and maintenance with an experienced company, such as Fitzgerald Restoration, for example, to avoid severe damage. Customers can also get free estimates on custom designs and construction, restoration, and repairs.

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