Customized Smoked Glass in Lancaster CA

by | Dec 29, 2015 | Construction & Maintenance

Smoked Glass in Lancaster CA can be customized for panels, doors, windows, table tops, and shower or tub enclosures. Light passing through that type of glass is decreased in brightness due to the darkening materials incorporated during the manufacturing process. It allows for some degree of lighting while ensuring privacy, creating a specific effect, or adding to the style and decor of a room, building, or store. Smoked glass table tops in a restaurant, for example, can provide enough light to make the space seem bigger, yet not reflect the glare of full light. It is also easy to match to different seating options, should the restaurant undergo redecorating, or total renovations. It can also add to the general atmosphere of the place.

A shower enclosure of Smoked Glass in Lancaster CA for a renovation, as another example, would not require the addition of a shower curtain, or extra overhead lighting. The original lighting can remain and still provide enough light for the person in the shower. The darkened glass would also afford privacy, so a shower curtain is not necessary. This works well in a smaller bathroom because the glass makes the room look bigger. A shower curtain would make the room appear smaller, and diminish the effect of the new enclosure.

Smoked glass is just one type of decorative glass that can be customized for residential or commercial purposes. Etched glass and frosted glass can also afford a certain degree pf privacy while allowing light to fill a space. These are used a lot in office buildings, medical facilities, and reception areas. Those sitting in a reception area will be able to see figures in various offices, but not be able to identify individuals. That protects confidentiality, allows obscurity, and still gives offices or facilities an open and airy feel and appearance.

Colored glass, tinted, and painted glass are also available for residential and commercial customers. In order to get a great fit, customization, and have glass cut and polished to specifications, seek put a glass company with several decades of experience. There are few companies that actually have the machinery to cut and polish glass in-house. Go to visit us website for details on types of glass available, and suggestions for applications of each style of glass.

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