Does Your Restroom Have An Automatic Hand Dryer?

We live in an age of automation and, sometimes, this might make us lazy, at other times in simply saves us some inconvenience (an automatic garage door opener for example) while, at other times, it can be actually advantageous. At some time or other, we all use public restrooms (at work, in the mall or in places like bars, restaurants, movie theatres, etc). When we use them, we go in and go about our business there and leave with a minimum of fuss. Unless the restroom is in a terrible state, we hardly give much thought to the experience.

Someone Has To Think About Our Restrooms

Wherever it is located, any public restroom that receives some amount of human traffic requires more than just the provision of toilet bowls and/or urinals. Hygiene dictates that sinks must be provided for users to wash their hands in and, of course, this involves the provision of some way for them to dry their hands after they have washed them.

The management of the premises wherein the restroom is located have three main responsibilities (there is also local legislation that defines the minimum standard for carrying out these responsibilities).

  1. To decide the size, scope and number of restrooms that will be needed.
  2. To select the facilities to place inside these restrooms.
  3. To ensure that all basic sanitation and hygiene requirements are met.

Someone Also Has To pay For Them

There is not only the initial cost of setting them up; there is also the ongoing maintenance cost. On the maintenance side, automation can be both beneficial to the users of a restroom and, in addition, help to reduce the maintenance costs.

Automatic door openers may well be taking this concept a little too far but, what about automatic flushing for urinals and toilet bowels? Not only will an automated water supply cut down on wasted water but it will also ensure a clean bowl for the next user. Automatic toilet tissue dispensing and automatic protective toilet seat covers are also available but these tend to be found only in the more upmarket restrooms.

Water saving and user convenience also come from installing sensor systems on faucets and soap dispensers. Management reduces overheads while users do not need to touch surfaces that might have been contaminated by a previous user.

For the last step, an Automatic Hand Dryer completes the process of using the restroom without having to touch too many surfaces that could have been contaminated. In addition, an Automatic Hand Dryer does not run unnecessarily so it will provide reduced electricity billings.

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