Eliminate Leaky Roofs With Copper Roof Repair in New Canaan CT

by | Nov 26, 2015 | Roofing

There are a number of ways to cover a building such BUR (Built Up Roofing), asphalt shingles and various metals. However, to really give the roof a unique style, copper may be the best choice. One reason for this is the unique patina that copper develops over time. Copper doesn’t oxidize like other metals. As the roofing ages, the metal will turn a beautiful green color that most people find pleasing. Copper is often used in historical home repair projects for that original look and feel. It is also used as a highlight for newer homes.

Installing copper on porch roofs, bay windows or as flashing and edging add a specific look. The only real concern that most copper user have to deal with is the occasional Copper Roof Repair New Canaan CT.The way a roofer installs the copper may often determine if Copper Roof Repair New Canaan CT will be needed any time soon. Some of the problem may be low quality materials or poorly installed roofing. It can be easy to tell if the roof will survive the elements because the manufacturer will warrant the material for the life of the home or at least fifty years. Of course, better gauge roofing should last for one hundred years or more. Imagine, never having to worry about re-installing an aging roof again.

If the Copper Roof Repair New Canaan CT is on an historical building, then the repairs may represent a challenge. Attempting to patch the roof could show less patina or even the original copper color. It takes an experienced touch to make sure that the repair matches the existing roof. It may also be possible to renew some or all of the original copper color so the patina can return with a more even appearance. Browse website to know more.

One issue with copper roofing is expansion. That is, the metal contracts and expands according to the temperature. This can lead to loosely fitting fasteners or nails that pull out. The latter problem stops the metal from laying flat and can cause a leak. This is where experts such as JM Roofing & Siding in New Canaan CT can help. A thorough roof inspect can determine various faults and the ways that they can be fixed.

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