Ensure Full Stability With Expert Home Foundation Repair in Houston TX

by | Aug 18, 2015 | Construction & Maintenance

A home or building can be built over one of several foundation types such as basements, piers or blocks, but in the Houston area the most common type of foundation is the concrete slab. The reasons for this include the stability that concrete provides and its strength to support heavy buildings. The latter is a perfect solution when the home or building will be using a lot of heavy materials such as stone, brick or similar items. Unfortunately, there are times when concrete can come under stress and require Home Foundation Repair in Houston TX. For instance, when the soil under the foundation becomes saturated there is a good possibility that the weight of the building may shift and create stress points in the foundation.

The first step in fixing a foundation problem is to thoroughly examine the cause. Some faults may be the result of poor drainage around the home while others could be due to improper preparation of the subsoil. In the case of a drainage issue, the problem should be remedied before any Home Foundation Repair in Houston TX or the situation will simply return. When a severe issue such as poor soil preparation causes the problem, the contractor may have to plan for more extensive repairs such as inserting piles under the building. A pile or pier can be sunk deep in the soil to provide secure footing and proper support. Unfortunately, this sort of repair is quite difficult and will vary with each home.

Many foundation concerns will result in damage to the building. In fact, some homeowners don’t realize there is a problem until they see cracks in the brickwork or walls. Other symptoms include doors that don’t fit into their frames correctly and windows that no longer function properly. When these types of concerns occur in one area of the home, it usually means that a portion of the foundation has lost its support. For example, an improper drainage point from a gutter system could wash away the soil and cause a void under the building. To fix this type of failure, the contractor may use mud-pumping. This technique pushes a concrete mixture into the space to fill it in. Mud pumping can also lift the foundation back into place and support the foundation properly. To get more information on this topic, you can try here

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