Far-Reaching Benefits of Asphalt Paving in Meridianville, AL

Plenty can be said for the benefits of having a driveway or parking lot installed at a home or business. It’s an area specifically set aside for parking, saving grass and other landscaping features from a wide range of hazards. At the same time, it provides safe passage for residents, employees or other visitors, reducing the risk of injury and ensuing lawsuits. While ample options are available, including concrete, bricks, gravel and pavers, asphalt could be considered one of the most advantageous.

Benefits of Asphalt Driveways and Parking Areas

Asphalt Paving in Meridianville AL may not be the most decorative solution for creating a smooth, safe parking space and walkway, but it does offer a number of benefits over other alternatives. While heat retention is one of the most overlooked, this single aspect helps keep ice at bay to an extent, considerably reducing the risk of slips, falls and property damage. It only gets better from there.

  • Less Expensive than Concrete:

From a number of angles, concrete and asphalt are the two front-runners of the industry, but the latter is generally cheaper to install. Figure in asphalt’s lower maintenance costs over time, and considerable savings are there for the taking.

  • Greater Durability:

Though general maintenance and periodic repairs are required for any type of material, some are more demanding than others. Asphalt is one of the lowest-maintenance options on the market, so it’ll hold up well to weather and repeated use.

  • Faster Installation:

In most cases, Asphalt Paving in Meridianville AL only takes a couple days. Concrete installation generally takes twice as long. On top of installation time, asphalt is often ready to use within two or three days after being put into place as opposed to the week-long wait of concrete.

  • Stays in Place:

Pavers leave a lot of room for shifting, buckling and drifting, so they don’t usually provide stability in a long-term sense. Gravel is notorious for washing away with the first big rainstorm after installation. Asphalt keeps its shape and stays where it’s supposed to regardless of weather or wear and tear.

Asphalt is a safe, sturdy, steadfast and comparatively inexpensive alternative to other paving solutions, and it’s ready for use in less than half the time of its closest competitor. In the grand scheme of things, this material offers a great deal of versatility in design as well. Visit us for more information or to request a free quote.

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