Garage Door Repair and Maintenance Issues

Garage doors models can range from ornate residential to strictly standard commercial. They can be either manually or motor operated, and their purpose is primarily for storage of motor vehicles. Motor operated doors function using a remote control or opener and sensor. Both types of doors can become subject to complications, and it is important to perform regular maintenance checks to assess for safety. Some issues to look for that may indicate garage door repair is necessary to include but are not limited to the following:

  • The door does not open and close

  • Slow response time after using the opener

  • Increase in noise from the door

  • The door is unaligned, or visibly off the tracks

Regular Evaluations
Once you have suspected an issue or identified a malfunction with your garage door, it is very dangerous to attempt to perform maintenance or repairs yourself. Doing so could result in bodily injury or death, and property damage. Performing regular assessments can help eliminate potential risks. There can be various problems that arise with garage doors. For instance, the issue could be caused by:

  • Broken or rusty springs

  • Broken or frayed cables

  • Broken or dented hinges

  • Improperly installed bottom brackets

  • Improperly installed spring anchor plates

  • Unlubricated rollers

Identifying a Reputable Company
It is very important to reiterate that one should not be performing any repairs on a garage door unless you are trained and experienced. It is of utmost importance to locate a professional for your garage door repair. Newton, MA offers a wide array of companies that offer installation, repairs, and replacements. Looking online at company reviews for customer satisfaction can prove to be beneficial in finding the right fit for your specific needs.

Benefits of Maintaining Your Garage Door
By doing routine checks on your garage door, you are more likely to notice if part of your door needs replaced and adjusted before the issue gets worse. If you have an older model that is need of garage door repairs, it may be more beneficial to replace your current model with a newer one, as the newer models are more energy efficient and can have better insulation, which can help you economically with electric bills. Visit Collins Overhead Door to know more.

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