Getting Help With Flood Damage in Colorado Springs

by | Jun 27, 2018 | Restoration

The weather patterns are changing, and severe storms with flooding are hitting areas that were relatively safe before. Even areas accustomed to tropical storms and hurricanes are getting hit harder. For those times when the flooding affects a person’s business or home, there is recovery help available. Flooding can happen for reasons other than severe storms. Pipes can freeze and break, toilets or tubs can run over, septic systems can back up, and other reasons. Help is available for flood damage in Colorado Springs.

Flooding Damage

When the roof leaks, severe storms hit, or the plumbing backs up, water infiltrates a building damaging walls and flooring. The water can be dirty and have dangerous chemicals or biological pathogens in it. Therefore, it is especially important to call help in immediately after a flooding incident to clean and sterilize the affected areas as well as remove all the water. Water isn’t the only thing to remove. All the waterlogged building materials and belongings must be removed and repaired or hauled away.

Companies such as Black Label Restoration have all the latest equipment to dry out and sanitize flooded spaces and to repair the damage. They can remove and replace wallboard and insulation. They can remove carpets, clean and dry them, then re-install them. If the flooring cannot be saved, they can remove and replace it with new goods. Goods and personal belongings can be separated into the saveable and the ruined. The building owner can then act to have what can be restored dealt with.

Furniture and artwork can be water damaged. Paper and fabric items may be water-damaged beyond repair. If the flooding involves dirty water, the items infiltrated might not be able to be made safe again. If the incident is caused by clean water, carpets and upholstery may be able to be dried out, have stains removed, and be reused.

Speed Is Important

When flood damage in Colorado Springs occurs, time is important. The longer a building is wet, the greater the damage will be. Standing water can encourage dangerous molds and other pathogens to form. The water can wick up into wallboard and insulation as time passes. Getting help quickly can limit the damage and reduce restoration costs. Browse our website for more information.

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