Home Security Doors: On the Frontline

While there are many types of home security doors on the market, many people prefer screened options for use in a variety of ways. For example, you can have them installed as your patio door, on the front/back door, and everywhere in between. They’re excellent because you can use them along with a traditional front door.

The screening ensures that you can leave the front door open to let in natural light and keep out bugs. Many people prefer them because they open up the house, allow the fresh breeze into the home, and helps them control energy usage. You don’t have to turn on the lights or air conditioning during the day because the screens allow airflow and light.

Home security doors can protect you from intruders, especially if you choose options with locking mechanisms. That way, you can leave the front door open to enjoy the breeze and light without fear that someone will just walk in and take items or harm you. Plus, the mesh is designed to be thicker and slightly angled in a way that outsiders can’t see into the house. However, you have a full unobstructed view of who’s outside, so you’re prepared.

At CommandeX, their home security doors feature highly tensioned mesh and are designed to comply with all Australian Security Standards. Along with such, they don’t have mid-rails that obstruct your view, so you can utilise them anywhere, even overlooking the backyard. You can always see your garden or watch the children play without having to be outside directly. They’re available in a variety of opening styles because they’re customised to fit your home’s particular needs. Along with such, they’ve got two product choices, each designed to look excellent on your home and provide you with the security you need.

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