How Can a Phenolic Countertop Be Helpful?

by | Oct 9, 2018 | Construction & Maintenance

Are you looking for some new options for the countertops in your current lab or a laboratory you are putting together? If so, then you have probably been looking at some of the different options that are available, such as phenolic countertops. In addition to the fact that it is a cost-effective option, which can be a nice benefit to any lab out there, you will find that there are some other advantages to using this type of material. Let’s look at some of those benefits and how they might be helpful to your needs.

Lightweight Yet Durable
One of the first benefits that you are going to notice when it comes to these types of countertops is that they are rather lightweight. This can help to make installation easier. Even though they might be lightweight, you will also find that they are durable and they are still able to hold a substantial amount of weight. These countertops can last for a long time without you needing to worry about staining, scratching, or other issues, as well.

Heat Resistant
One of the other ways that a phenolic countertop could be helpful is the fact that it can offer heat resistance. If you have a work environment that can get warm, or you know that the countertop could come into contact with high heat, then this could be a good choice. It can ensure that the counters are going to stay in shape even if they happen to be exposed to high amounts of heat for a time.

Resistant to Chemicals
You want to be sure that the countertop is going to last, and if you have a lab where chemicals are used regularly, having a counter that is chemical resistant is essential. Fortunately, this material can hold up well when exposed to different chemicals.

Easy to Care for and Clean
Additionally, when you have these countertops in your lab, you will be happy to know that they are easy to take care of and cleaning them is just as simple. When you take proper care of them, they have the potential to last for a long time, making them a good, cost-effective option.

As you can see, having a phenolic countertop for your laboratory could be exactly what you need. If you are looking for quality options for these types of counters for your lab, you will want to consider AGR Fabricators.

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