How to Hire an Expert for Inground Swimming Pool Liner Replacement in Tyrone GA

by | Apr 13, 2020 | Construction & Maintenance

An in-ground pool’s liner serves as a cover for the pool’s bottom and walls. This cover helps prevent damage to the materials from which the pool is made. Mold and other substances can shorten the useful life of a pool. For this reason, it’s important to find the right expert for an inground swimming pool liner replacement in Tyrone GA. These suggestions can help with this task.

A pool owner should compile a referral list of experts who install in-ground pool liners. These recommendations should ideally come from people who have actually used their services. Getting a firsthand account of a swimming pool expert’s workmanship and customer care is often a reliable way to get honest information. When possible, a person should view the work done by a referred swimming pool specialist. Even if a pool liner was installed into an above ground pool, a person could still look at the results of the job. After learning this information, a person should narrow down the referral list to two service providers.

A person should make the first contact with each swimming pool expert. It’s preferable to set up an appointment for an interview and inspection of a person’s pool. These actions will allow a pool owner to further find out about each service provider’s credentials. The following questions can be asked of each pool expert:

  • Are you licensed, insured, and bonded?
  • What kind of pool liners do you offer for installation?
  • What brands of pool liners do you use?
  • Are you certified by the manufacturers of the pool liners you install?
  • What process do you use for inground swimming pool liner replacement in Tyrone GA?
  • Do you provide literature on the care of pool liners?

After answering these questions, a pool owner should request a service provider to detail his philosophy towards customers. The service provider should perform a complete inspection of the swimming pool along with the ground surrounding the pool. Doing this will enable the pool expert to know what he will have to do to perform the job. This process should be done with both service providers to choose one with the more favorable qualifications.

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