How to Install Epoxy Counter Tops

by | Apr 24, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

Epoxy counter tops are popular because they are easy to clean and come in lots of different colors and patterns. Since it is a type of counter top people love, many want to know how to install them, so here are some facts:

Preparation Tips for Installing Epoxy Counter Tops
If you are getting ready to install new counter tops, then there are some things to do in advance. The area where you plan to put in the counter tops must be dry and clean and free of dust and dirt. That means wiping down all surfaces where the epoxy must be applied. If the epoxy is going to be applied to copper, laminate, stainless steel, or Formica, you don’t have to use a sealing coat, but if on other kinds of surfaces like concrete, wood or tile, it could be required. Your new counter top should come with installation instructions for that particular type of counter, so be sure to read all directions and have everything you need on hand before beginning.

Installation Facts for After Cleaning Surfaces
First, be sure that the surface where you are installing your counter tops is dry as any leftover moisture can ruin it. As stated earlier, some surfaces have to have a seal coat put down prior to anything else being done. This seal coat is usually a thin layer of an epoxy mix used to seal cracks, crevices, etc. and prevent air bubbles.

After that, the “flood coat” is applied about four to six hours later, but no later than 10 hours. One important note is that the temperature needs to b 75℉ or higher during the curing timeframe. Otherwise your countertop epoxy installation could be ruined.

Getting Experts to Create Your Countertops
Getting your epoxy counter tops made and installed by experts is vital, and that’s why choosing AGR Fabricators is a good idea because they have been in business for over 30 years, so get some advice from them.

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