Important Tips to Prevent Flooding in Kamloops, Thompson Valley

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Restoration

Sometimes, flooding is so rampant that building owners do not get the time to prevent the disaster. It also creates a panic state where most homeowners forget the basic steps that can prevent their property from destruction. If a storm is imminent or if the flooding has already started, here are important steps that you can take to safeguard your building:

  1. Turn off the main water line or the “Water Main” to prevent water pipes from bursting.
  2. Open the drains and gutters to allow maximum water to flow through gutters. If possible, ensure that there is no blockage preventing the water flow.
  3. Always use sandbags to prevent water from seeping through gaps.
  4. Move furniture, electrical items, and other items to the highest floor, if necessary.
  5. Shut off your electricity if you feel that the water will reach the main electrical outlet. It is important because you don’t want to deal with flooding and fire at the same time.
  6. If it’s not a water storm, open your windows to let maximum air and sunlight to penetrate the house. Sunlight and air will dry out things quickly.
  7. Use a sump pump or a powerful vacuum to remove excess water from the house. You can also call an emergency restoration provider to help with flooding in Kamloops.
  8. Take pictures and photographs of flooding to use these as claims when filing for insurance.

If you need urgent help with flooding in Kamloops, Thompson Valley Restoration DKI is a full-service restoration provider that has been helping Thompson Valley residents for over 37 years. Call them to see how you can prevent your lifetime asset.

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