Learn About Roofing Contractors Before Replacing a Commercial Roof

Although commercial roofs are designed to perform well in the long term, many can and do develop issues during their lifespan. Problems can occur when roofs are installed incorrectly or maintained improperly. When fixing a commercial roof, four choices exist: replacement, recover, coat or repair. The answers to the below questions can help the business owner learn about roofing contractors.

  • How badly is the roof damaged?
  • Is there enough insulation?
  • Is the owner in need of a short-term or a long-term solution?
  • Where is the building?
  • What is the building used for?

Below is a description of the various repair options, along with the pros and cons of each.

Roofing Repair
Some commercial roofing issues can be easily fixed, saving the owner thousands in replacement costs. Some owners choose repair after getting FREE ESTIMATES FOR ROOF INSTALLATION, when the membrane is short of its lifespan, or if the roof is well-insulated. Repairs are far less expensive than replacements, and they can greatly increase the roof’s useful life.

Not all roof damage requires replacement. If the roof’s structure is intact, recovering can be an effective solution. In some cases, a single-membrane roof can have another membrane installed directly on top. However, roofs can only be recovered one time, and they’re usually done when the roof is insulated but the membrane has exceeded its lifespan. With a recovering, there’s less disruption to the business and the owner can get an extended warranty.

Sometimes, roofs cannot be recovered if the damage is extensive. If the roof has been recovered in the past, it should be replaced. Roofs are replaced for various reasons; sometimes damage is too significant to be repaired. If the insulation is poor, or if the owner needs to learn about roofing contractors, replacement is the best choice.

Some commercial roofs can get a coating that extends useful life. Coating offers extra leak protection, and a reflective coating can offer energy savings when it reflects UV rays and heat away from the roof. Coated roofs look better, and the coating process is less disruptive than a replacement. Roof coating is more cost-effective than other options, and business owners may be able to get a tax write-off or a rebate.

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