Learning The Ropes Of Roof Replacement In Nassau County, NY

Homeowners with an older roof need to inspect it regularly. That is because the typical life expectancy of an asphalt-shingled roof is 20-to-25 years. Tell-tale signs of roof problems include moss growth. This is a sign that water may be trapped under the shingles.

Trouble Signs To Look Out For

Of course, leaks are a major indicator of roofing issues. In fact, the homeowner should check the attic because many leaks start there. Further, look for shingles that are not flat to the roof. In addition, metal flashing should also be nailed down.

Finding A Great Roofer

Neighbors and family are good resources for finding a roofer. Experts advise getting three estimates for roof replacement in Nassau County NY. Professionals generally come out to the property, inspect the roof and make a bid. Remember, the cheapest bid is not always the best one.

Get It In Writing

There should be a written contract between the homeowner and the contractor. The contract should list the full price of Roof Replacement in Nassau County NY. Likewise, there should be a start date and an ending date. Additionally, it is a good idea to spell out what materials are included in the price. Always make sure the contractor is licensed and bonded.

The Process

Avoid any contractor who wants to place shingles over existing ones. This a short-cut many consumers take to save money. However, it may cost them in the long run. It is always best to remove the existing roof and start from scratch. To that end, the contractor orders an industrial trash unit for the site.

The old roof is removed a little at a time. Workers do not want to leave any part of the house exposed. Next, the roof deck is inspected for any necessary repairs. The final prep includes laying a sheet of asphalt felt paper over the roof. This is an additional layer of protection between the roof and shingles.

Finally, the shingles are installed followed by the addition of sealant and flashing. Further, workers clean up any trash and the large container is hauled off. For more information, visit website domain.

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