Options for Roof Replacements in Carver, MA When the Residence is a Mobile Home

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Roofing

Roof Replacements in Carver MA can be part of a substantial upgrade for an old mobile home. Thousands of these manufactured homes from the 1970s are still standing on private lots and being used as year-round residences or as weekend or vacation homes. Adding a pitched roof is one big step for the renovation.

A New Pitched Roof

To get some ideas, owners of an older mobile home can find photo galleries online showing how other men and women have made major changes to the exterior of these structures. A new pitched, shingled roof commonly is installed when the owners decide to have an addition built. This helps convert the place into more of a permanent house and is effective at creating that illusion from the outside.

Reroofing Over the Old Material

Roof Replacements in Carver MA might be completed over the top of the old flat or slightly sloped roof. This creates additional insulation and better energy efficiency during both summer and winter months. It saves the customers money because the old material is not removed by the contractor. The process is known as reroofing or a roof over.

Important Considerations

However, this is not the same as actually constructing a new roof with trusses and a steeper slope. The pitched roof is the project the owners should strongly consider if they can make it fit in their budget. The look of the home is transformed when this type of work is complete. The roof extends over the entire structure, helping an addition blend in relatively seamlessly with the rest of the home.

If the home has a detached garage, a matching roof can also be added to this building. Some owners decide to have new siding installed to cover up the old metal, further enhancing the look of the place.

This project, as completed by a contractor such as Waterman Building & Remodeling, greatly increases the value of the home. People who might normally never consider buying and living in a manufactured home have second thoughts about that when they see how lovely the place is. Click Here to learn some details about this particular roofing service.

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