Possible Problems With Your Garage Door

Garage doors are one of the primary entry points to a home. In many cases the garage door is opened and closed far more than the front door. As a result of the usage of the garage door it is extremely important that it is secure and works well. If the door on your garage is not working as it should you are well advised to contact a professional that performs garage door repair in Arlington Heights IL, to determine whether it can be repaired.

There are many things that can go wrong with a garage door, they are heavy, get used frequently and have many moving parts. Here are a few of the common problems:

The door will not open or close:

The sensor is obstructed: Most garage doors that are equipped with an automatic opener are also equipped with sensors mounted at the bottom of the track, if these sensors are misaligned or obstructed, this can interfere with the operation of the door.

The opener: If the sensors are correctly aligned and free from obstruction the problem is usually the remote door opener. In most cases the fix is just simply replacing the battery. If this doesn’t work the problem may be with the opener mechanism, for this you will need to call a professional repairman.

Obstruction in the track: Try closing the door manually, by doing this you will know if the track has one or more obstructions. If there are no obstructions, chances are the track is bent or has a dent. If the track is damaged or the door does not hang evenly then you need to call for professional repairs.

The door does not open and close evenly:

The springs: If the tracks are in good condition and there are no obstructions the problem is usually one caused by the springs. A typical roll-up door has one large spring located above the door. A typical overhead one-piece or panel garage door uses two springs, one on either side of the door. There is phenomenal tension in these springs, you should never try to deal with spring problems; there is a real risk of serious injury. Always rely on a professional in garage door repair in Arlington Heights when it appears the problem is with the spring mechanism.

Tracks: If the tracks are bent or out of alignment the door will not move evenly, it may even refuse to operate.

When you do have a problem with your garage door opt for a repair company that has the experience and skills to identify the problem and repair it with the best replacement parts.

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