Preparing to Sell the Property: Why Pool Resurfacing in Islip, NY Matters

by | Jan 27, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

There is no doubt that having a backyard pool is a plus. Along with all those years of fun, that pool has the potential to be a major selling point when the owner puts the property on the market. Depending on the pool’s condition, it could also be a major drawback. One way to ensure the pool is the former and not the latter is to invest in the right type of Resurfacing in Islip NY. Here are some of the ways that doing so will increase the odds of selling the property sooner rather than later.

Boosting the Visual Appeal of the Landscape

Property owners who want to sell their homes quickly understand the value of making sure the lawn is manicured, the shrubs are trimmed, and the flower beds are maintained properly. The goal is to create an environment that causes potential buyers to take one look and want to come in and see more.

The same is true with the back yard. When there is a pool present, it can either enhance all the yard work done by the owner, or it can detract from those other efforts. If the pool has seen better days, it makes sense to drain it and apply a new coat of plaster, fiberglass, or whatever would work best with the pool materials. Once the job is done, the pool will look like new and add to the general beauty of the backyard landscaping.

A True Selling Point

Even people who don’t swim a lot seem to like the idea of a backyard pool. The attraction is enhanced when the pool looks great and appears to be in perfect working order. There is no doubt that a recent resurfacing in Islip NY will imply that the pool is ready for the lucky buyer to use without having to pay for any improvements. In this sense, the resurfacing ensures that the real estate agent can use the presence of the pool as a major selling point.

Even if the property will not be up for sale any time soon, it still makes sense to consider resurfacing. Visit our website today and arrange for a professional to inspect the pool and offer an opinion. If resurfacing is needed, it will be easy to determine the best approach, project the cost, and set a date for the work to commence.

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