Protect Your Home With Copper Roofing in Westchester County, NY

Your home is an enormous investment which can take a lot of time and money to keep in tip-top shape. This is why it pays to carefully consider all options for any major repairs, such as the roof. In many ways, the roof is one of the home’s most important exterior features. You don’t want to cover it with just any roofing material. In fact, most common roof coverings are only good for twenty to twenty five years. However, metal roofing can provide a roofing surface that can last at least fifty year or more. If you are looking for the best covering for your roof, then Copper Roofing in Westchester County NY may be the choice for you.

Copper roofing is often used on older homes and for many home restorations. This is partly because the design of these homes made use of copper for certain aspects such as the roof over a bay window or the porch awning. At that time, copper roofing was a large investment, because the mining of copper was a difficult task. Today, the mining and processing of copper ores have improved, and the material is much more affordable. This makes it an excellent choice for the roofing on your home. Plus, copper comes in a variety of styles which can make your home look amazing. One of its best benefits, at least for most homeowners, is the nice green patina that copper acquires as it oxidizes. Of course, for those folks who don’t like that look, there are chemical treatments that reduce the oxidation effect.

Any roof restoration project is a major job, but when that project is part of a historical restoration, you want to use the most authentic materials available. However, even when your home is new you may still wish to cover it with one of the most durable metals available. Copper has some other advantages over other roofing materials as well. It is highly malleable, which helps it to fit over uneven surfaces. It requires little to no maintenance, and is easy to install. If you are considering Copper Roofing in Westchester County NY, for your new or replacement roof, be sure to contact Double R All Home Improvements.

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