Reasons for Tin Ceiling Installation in Long Island, NY

The main reason to consider a Tin Ceiling Installation in Long Island NY is the unique beauty it brings to a home or business. The multiple patterns and designs available will suit most preferences and decors. One-of-a-kind designs can be custom created by experienced craftsmen to make the ceiling more personalized and innovative. The logo of a restaurant, for example, can be added to panels as a captivating feature of the dining area. The family crest can adorn the foyer or the cornices of the entryway. A metal ceiling is a selling point when a property goes on the market, so the installation will raise the value of the building, which is another reason to consider tin.

A tin ceiling is the strongest type of metal ceilings and offers the best fire protection. The material was originally used in the 1880s when cooking and heating required open flames. It was not uncommon for a ceiling to catch fire, and the tin drastically reduced that occurrence. It is still the preferred material for commercial kitchen ceilings. Tin Ceiling Installation in Long Island NY will be the end of high maintenance. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth, does not need polishing, and will not support mold or mildew growth. Traditional plaster or sheet rock ceilings require painting every few years, are susceptible to discoloration and staining, and will support mold quickly with the introduction of a water source.

In addition to tin ceilings, other metal choices include copper and stainless steel. Chrome-, copper-, and brass-plated panels are also available. Plated panels are perfect for people with budget considerations. Pre-painted white and custom colors are also viable options that reduce costs over one-hundred-percent metal panels. Most people do not even consider a metal ceiling because they associate that feature with grand hotels, museums, businesses, and homes of the wealthy. Get more information about the possibility to discover how affordable metal ceilings actually are, learn about metal cornices and back splashes as bright accents to a room, and explore the patterns and designs available. The reasons for installing a tin ceiling are higher in number than the reasons to continue living with an ordinary ceiling.

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