Roofing Contractors in Louisville KY Assist Homeowners After Strong Winds Damage Shingles

High-speed wind is one of the more common causes of roof damage. Strong winds can cause roof shingles to come loose and crack, making them vulnerable to blowing off either during this storm or the next one. When homeowners find shingles lying in the grass, they should contact one of the roofing contractors in Louisville KY to evaluate the situation. There could be enough damage for an insurance claim. Even if not, the shingles should be replaced and the rest of the roof inspected.

A Range of Destructive Incidents

In some cases, only a small area of damage has occurred, and the home insurance policy deductible is too high for any coverage to kick in. In other instances, so much destruction has happened that roof replacement is necessary. That may occur when straight-line winds strike or when a tornado was in the vicinity. On rare occasion, a hurricane hits this area and causes extensive harm to buildings. Roofing contractors in Louisville KY are ready to assist with insurance claims, repair work and replacement.

Homeowner Roof Inspection

If the homeowner feels safe climbing a ladder and getting on the roof, this person can do so and conduct an inspection that way. This might be done if a few shingles are in the yard but there is no evidence of extensive damage. This should be enough to see if the roof needs some minor repair work to be completed by a contractor such as Affordable Exteriors. This cannot be verified from the ground or even from standing on the ladder, since seeing the entire roof from that vantage point is impossible.

The Risks of Ignoring the Problem

Homeowners tend to find that ignoring a few shingles that have blown off is only the beginning of the problem. More shingles likely have become loose in that storm and will be torn away during future windy conditions. As these protective materials disappear from the top of the house, the building becomes vulnerable to leaks from rain. Those leaks could go undetected long enough for significant damage to occur. Browse our website to learn more about one particular roofing contractor.

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