Schedule a Hardwood Floor Upgrade with a Flooring Contractor in West Hartford, CT

One way to ensure that your house will increase in value is to install a hardwood floor. However, the decision to install a wood floor can also be difficult, since hardwoods come in various species. For instance, some of the woods that are featured include red oak, white oak, maple, and cherry. So, you need to decide carefully before making an upgrade.

Do Not Install a Hardwood in a Humid Space

When talking to a flooring contractor in West Hartford, CT, you need to review the various types of hardwoods that are available for flooring options. Also, remember, that even the best wood floors are sensitive to moisture. For example, during the summer months, when more humidity is in the air, the floor tends to expand. However, in the dry and cold wintertime, the floor may contract, which can cause gaps to develop between the planks. If an area has too much moisture then, the floor may buckle or cup.

So, when you work with a flooring contractor, make sure you arrange a time to speak about acclimatization, and also make sure that your humidity levels are correctly set. Typically, a home’s humidity reading should be about 35% to 50% or the amount recommended by a flooring manufacturer. By keeping the humidity set at the correct level, any movement in the new floor will be reduced.

The Most Popular Type of Hardwood

If you ask a flooring contractor to reveal the most popular species of wood flooring, he will quickly claim that red oak deserves the honor. Red oak, which is widely used for hardwood floors, features a moderate to heavy amount of graining along with a moderate amount of variation in color.

The coloring of red oak varies from a pale and cream-colored reddish pink to brown with red undertones. While red oak features these reddish or pinkish tones, white oak reveals undertones of brown, gray, and gold.

If you want to find out more about the various types of woods used for flooring, browse our website for further details, or arrange a no-obligation appointment.

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