Signs Your Home Needs New Siding Now

Your siding won’t last you forever. Busy schedules and demanding lives can make it easy for you to overlook the signs. When you see any of the following, you’ll know shopping for siding replacement in Charleston SC should be on top of your list:

Too many painting sessions
If you need to keep painting over your exterior walls every so often—say, every 5 years—that’s a definite sign that your siding isn’t in tip-top form. Good ones only require painting every 8 to 10 years. Instead of paying for premature paint jobs, worry about replacing the siding instead.

High energy consumption bills
If your HVAC system isn’t going on the blink and there aren’t any air leaks in your windows or attics, then those sky-high heating or cooling bills can be caused by insulation problems. Lack of a proper siding could be contributing to those problems. By installing excellent siding replacement in Charleston SC, you can keep your insulation in good condition to avoid having to shell out money to cover the cost of those bills.

Damaged siding
If your siding shows signs of rot and warping, that means game over for your siding. You’ll need to put in new siding in place. Just make sure the contractor you hire discovers the extent of the damage. If you’re lucky enough, the problem might only affect a few boards, which could mean easy repairs. However, if the problem is already extensive, it’s best to replace your all your siding instead.

Mold and mildew
Mold and mildew can lead to health complications and issues. If you don’t want your family suffering from allergy symptoms, keeping your home—and siding—free of mold and mildew is a must, says Siding Magazine. If you see signs of fungal growth or mold, shop for a replacement as soon as possible.

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