Sliding Windows Are Low Maintenance And Easy To Operate

by | Feb 20, 2020 | Construction & Maintenance

Sliding windows are those that have at least one sash that slide horizontally, they are easy to open and close and low maintenance. Sliding windows in Manhattan KS are very useful when installed alongside a walkway or any other place where there is little or no room for windows that open outward.

What makes a sliding window unique is the way it opens and closes, it does so on a track which mates with rollers that are integral with the frame.

  • Sliding window styles:

The design concept of sliding windows varies, the window can have as many as three windows, each of which are designed to move one way and the other. The more common sliding windows in Manhattan KS consist of either one frame or two frames that slide. Often found in kitchens, a double slider has two sashes, each open from opposite ends and glide in the frame. This style of window is very easy to open and close. A single sliding window has one fixed frame and one moveable. This option does not allow for the same variables but it is less expensive to purchase.

  • Maintaining sliding windows:

Sliding windows actually have fewer components than other types of windows, this makes them easy to maintain and they are quite durable. Windows that include springs, pulleys, etc will eventually fail and the components will need replacing, this is not the case with sliding windows, the only component that may need replacing over time is the roller. Movable sliding window sashes can be lifted and removed from the frame for cleaning but a fixed sash is a bit awkward.

Sliding windows in Manhattan KS are ideal in situations where outward opening windows will simply not work. Sliding windows are easy to operate, easy to maintain and very durable due to the limited number of components.

Sliding windows in Manhattan KS are the ideal solution where windows open onto a deck, patio or walkway. You are invited to discuss the various styles available with the pros at The Window Source at Sitename.

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