Smart Preparation Tips for a Roof Replacement in St. Peters MO

Extensive roof defects, repairing storm damage, replacing a worn roof, or performing a remodel can all be reasons for getting a roof replacement in St. Peters MO. This roofing job can last for about 2 to 4 days. It may entail exposing furniture, appliances, and other belongings to the outdoor elements. To ensure a smooth job, it’s a good idea to use these smart preparation tips.

Have Ample Parking Space

It’s considerate to think about the roofers by having ample parking space. Designate specific areas for the roofers to park. Use signage to indicate these areas such as the driveway or space in front of the curb. Try to designate parking spaces as close to the work areas as possible.

Prepare the Home’s Exterior

Before the roofers arrive, clear the yard of obstacles that can get in the way. Toys, lawn furniture, gardening tools, trash cans, lawnmowers, string trimmers, and edgers should be kept in a central location like the garage or a shed until the job is done.

Remove All Roof Attachments

Take down ornamental objects on the roof such as seasonal decorations and flags. Remove all antennae according to the roofing conpany’s policies. It may be the responsibility of the homeowner to take down all antennae. However, many roofers are trained to remove and reinstall antennae. The removal of antennae should be clearly defined in a roofing contract.

Protect the Home’s Interior

The roofers will need access to the attic. Designate entryways for the roofers to use. Place sticky mats in these entryways. The adhesive on a sticky mat helps remove debris from the souls of the roofers’ shoes. Also, take down all wall hangings including wall furniture, mirrors, murals, paintings, mounted televisions, tapestries, and knickknacks when possible to prevent breakage or other damage. Place extra protection around wall hangings that are difficult to detach from the wall. In addition, talk to the roofer about a comprehensive dust containment plan. This should be clearly defined in the roofing contract.

By implementing these prudent suggestions, a homeowner can protect valuable assets and form a good working relationship with the roofers. The roofers will have an easier time completing their job when a homeowner cooperates during a roof replacement in St. Peters MO. These sensible steps can help avoid delays and fines for a homeowner. For information on roofing services, please check out website. This company can handle residential and commercial services.

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