Some of the reasons that granite floor tiles are so desirable

Just talking about granite conjures up images of strength. People who are tough and strong are considered to be made of granite, and we use images of granite to summon up visions of something unmovable, unshakable, and timeless. This is not surprising when you consider how granite is formed. The natural stone comes from deep within the earth’s core and is formed when molten magma cools and becomes solid. The slower it cools, the harder it becomes, and granite is the result of centuries of slow crystallization. As part of igneous rock, granite needs to be quarried out of the earth. When it is first produced, it isn’t particularly attractive. It needs to go through a process of honing and polishing before its exquisite lustre starts to emerge. In this finished form, it becomes highly desirable and vast slabs of granite lend a distinction to a building that few other materials can provide.

Uses for granite

One of the most popular uses for granite tiles in Abuja, and all round the world, is to produce granite floor tiles. It stands to reason that this material would be desirable for this purpose because of its incredible strength and durability. In highly trafficked areas, granite tiles are ideal because they are extremely hard wearing and can resist even the spikiest high heels. Wooden floors on the other hand are very susceptible to wear and tear and become easily marked and stained. Once you’ve gone to the expense of installing granite floor tiles in Abuja, your maintenance and upkeep costs will be greatly reduced.

If you’re working on a large project such as a shopping mall or a commercial building, installing granite is pricey, but could well be cost effective. If an up-market and luxurious feel is what you want for your building, this is the material that is even more desirable than marble. However, using granite in household bathrooms and kitchens is also very popular, and the size of the slabs is usually much smaller, so costs are reduced.

Granite – the best known igneous rock

Beyond using granite for counter tops and floor tiles, stair treads are perfect for granite. Stairs take a huge amount of pressure and having an incredibly strong material such as granite will offer greater protection. What may well spring to mind is that many cemetery monuments are made of granite. This might have something to do with the timelessness of a graveyard, and the longevity of granite seems appropriate. The best thing about natural granite is that it occurs in a wide range of colours from red and pink through to dark grays and blacks, with even light colours bordering on white being available. Visit website for further details.

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