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by | Apr 30, 2021 | Roofing

There are a number of ways to cover a roof, but cedar shake or shingles provide some of the most distinctive ones. The cedar itself provides a unique style used in several construction techniques, and it is possible to apply custom patterns during the installation. One of the downsides to cedar is the instability of the roof and the need for Roof Repair in Birmingham AL. For instance, the shakes could come loose during a strong storm and the roof should be frequently inspected for signs of damage.

Cedar is a unique material when compared to other wood. It isn’t as prone to water failure like soft pine or certain hardwoods, but this doesn’t mean it is waterproof. In fact, when water pools in specific areas, the wood could rot and come loose. Part of this problem is due to the way cedar shingles are designed. Technically, there are two types of cedar roofs. The original was wood shake which was split directly from the bolt. The bolt is a knot free piece of timber. Wood shake is typically one-quarter to three-quarters of an inch thick. The material is notched on one end and pointed on the other. This design makes it easier to apply Cedar Roof Repair in Birmingham AL.

Cedar shingles are slightly different from wood shake because the material is cut by machine. This makes the shingles more uniform, but it does remove some of the distinctive styles of hand cut shake. Once the shake or shingles are ready to be placed, the roofer may need to make occasional adjustments, so the pieces fit properly. This process is a matter of trimming away certain portions of the wood so that the edges line up properly. Visit website to know more.

If the house currently needs Cedar Roof Repair in Birmingham AL, then it may be time to consider alternatives. Options such as tile or steel roofing can be used, to provide the appearance of cedar without the associated problems this material has. Simulated cedar products may also be used and many of these products offer long warranties. To learn more about cedar roofing contact the experts at USA Roofing & Renovations, LLC in Birmingham AL.

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