Stormwater Product Liners In Sydney: Advantages

by | Feb 12, 2019 | Construction & Maintenance

If you require a concrete liner, you likely have wastewater that needs to be moved throughout the facility or have other stormwater needs. Choosing to use stormwater product liners in Sydney can be advantageous because the liner is considered to be a polymer-cementitious coating that bonds instantly to non-woven and woven geofabrics. Therefore, it can act as a waterproof liner for concrete. These products are highly durable and do not sustain fire, which means they can be used in many applications. For example, you can use them to line irrigation channels, use it for culverts, Beeching capping, or erosion control, and much more. Along with such, it can also line dams, even those with rocky substrates, and can be used as floodgates, as well.

Stormwater product liners in Sydney needs to be appropriate for a variety of potentially damaging sub-grades, such as those that are rocky. That way, you can mix the powdered product with water and spray it on, allowing it to dry and harden to create a waterproof feature. The liner itself should be flexible enough so that it can conform to the substrate but also move with it to prevent cracking. The cushioning geotextile is suitable to ensure that the sub-grade isn’t damaged.

Infrastructure Technologies Pty Ltd offers a wide range of products designed for water management. If you are interested in stormwater product liners in Sydney, the Aqualiner product is suitable for your needs. It can resist a variety of fauna, human, and mechanical traffic, all with waterproofing abilities. You can expect it to last up to and over 10 years, depending on its use and application. Plus, it is easy to install and repair. If you notice a small hole, it can easily be covered again with the product and allowed to harden once more. If a large area needs to be repaired, it is still possible.

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