The Advantages of Paver Patios in Brookfield, WI Compared With Smooth Concrete

Many homeowners want a patio, but they don’t care for the look of the plain gray concrete that characterizes so many backyards. Their first step should be to determine the look they do want to achieve, after which they can figure out which materials would best accomplish this goal. Paver patios in Brookfield WI are options for men and women who appreciate the beauty of traditional brick or natural stone.

Smooth Concrete Disadvantages

Smooth concrete has other disadvantages as compared with paver patios in Brookfield WI.

  • Slick When Wet. Concrete is smooth unless it has been texturized with methods like brush stroking. Most property owners don’t choose that textured form of concrete for the patio. The smooth surface means it gets slick when it’s wet, which creates a risk of falling.
  • Cracking. Smooth concrete patios also have a tendency to crack, especially with southern Wisconsin’s repeated freezing and thawing during the colder seasons. Control joints, which allow for some managed expansion and contraction, usually are not placed on patios as they are in driveways for aesthetic reasons. Even driveways with those control joints may develop cracks over time.

Concrete Pavers

Property owners can order concrete pavers instead of brick or stone from a contractor like Outdoor Living Unlimited, which will save them money and avoid problems with slippery surfaces and cracking. However, there are also a couple of disadvantages to this option.

First, pavers don’t last as long, although they can be expected to have a lifespan of about 20 years. As the years go by, the surface erodes, making the aggregate more visible. Second, while homeowners can choose colored pavers that look like natural brick, the pigments that are added fade over time. The fading will be more prominent in areas with little or no shade. Now the pavers no longer look like bricks but like poorly colored concrete blocks.

That said, concrete pavers are still a suitable option for property owners who do not want to spend the extra money on brick or stone. Fading can be reduced with the application of a sealant. Learning about the products the contractor uses makes sure they only have high-quality, long-lasting concrete pavers installed.

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