The Hygienic Benefits of Using Hand Dryers for the Washroom

by | Sep 16, 2015 | Construction & Maintenance

Keeping a public restroom clean is important for hygiene and controlling the spread of germs, especially during cold and flu seasons. One of the best ways to help keep your business’ restroom cleaner is to use hand dryers instead of paper towels. Using hand dryers can also help cut your supply costs, and they are better for the environment as well.

Why Hand Dryers Are Better

Whether you own a restaurant or a movie theater, it is important to keep the restrooms clean for your guests. However, if you use paper towels in the restrooms, your staff has to make sure the paper towel dispensers are filled, and the trash is regularly emptied so that it does not overflow. Not only is using paper towels in the restroom more labor intensive, but it is also more expensive than using hand dryers for the washroom.

The Cost of Paper Towels

Businesses have seen an increase in their supply costs because the price of paper products keeps rising, including the cost of paper towels used in restrooms. The average person uses two and a half towels when they dry their hands, and with the cost of paper towels at around two cents per sheet, that comes to five cents per person. This is an expense that can quickly add up to thousands of dollars per year, along with the cost of labor to keep the restroom clean and stocked.

Using hand dryers for the washroom is less expensive because it costs less to operate a hand dryer than it does to use paper towels for drying hands. A hand dryer that uses heat only costs seven cents per 200 uses and without heat, only about four cents. This clearly shows that it is more economical for a business to have hand dryers in their restrooms than it is use paper towels.

Improved Technology

In the past, many people did not like using hand dryers because it took too long to ensure their hands would get thoroughly dry. Fortunately, technological improvements have made using a hand dryer more convenient because they can dry hands up to three times faster than with older models. In addition, they use approximately 80 percent less energy than older hand dryer models.

Businesses will not only see a reduction in their supply costs when they install hand dryers for their washrooms, but they will also be helping to reduce the amount of waste in landfills by not throwing away hundreds of paper towels each day. The use of hand dryers can save them thousands of dollars each year and help them keep their restroom areas cleaner, making it more beneficial to install hand dryers in their restrooms.

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