The Importance of a Sinkhole Repair in Ocala

by | Oct 19, 2015 | Construction & Maintenance

A sinkhole is a natural occurrence that creates a large, gaping hole in the ground. As the hole forms or grows, it pulls objects toward it, such as houses, cars and people. You should learn more about this phenomenon if a sinkhole repair is needed to fix your house before its foundation gets worse. Then, learn about the types of repairs and companies that are available to eradicate this problem for you.

The Dangers of a Sinkhole

A sinkhole is a large hole that makes it easy for anything to fall into because it has a huge opening. Unlike a well, which has a small opening, this hole is open for anyone to stumble into and fall to the bottom and never be able to find a way out.

Fortunately, local governments have ways to deal with large sinkholes and can remove them completely in many cases. Even so, there are residual effects that many homeowners have to deal with. First, a sinkhole weakens the ground and makes it unbalanced. As a result, your home foundation sits at a tilt instead of an even level. This uneven ground is dangerous to anyone who is walking by as he or she could stumble. During a natural disaster, the ground becomes more uneven, and the result is another sinkhole, which could be even worse than the first one.

Common Repair Methods

Sinkhole remediation is a multistep process that involves mending the sinkhole, repairing the home foundation and stabilizing the ground for future use. The reality is that not all sinkholes are those large, gaping holes you see on news shows. Some holes are small or only half the size of the home. Nevertheless, all professionals understand the importance of repairing these holes before the whole house gets swallowed inside.

Compact grouting is a common process of packing the ground in order to even it out. Strong soil is the main factor that every home foundation needs to survive.

Why You Want to Act Right Away

Besides the obvious fact that your home could become swallowed by a sinkhole, the surrounding area could become damaged. The ground will become unstable and make the land unsuitable for building construction. Some sinkholes are known to worsen over time, so you want to act quickly and contact a company right away.

When you notice a sinkhole underneath your house, you cannot afford to ignore it. The hole could get bigger and swallow more and more of the ground. Although it is not likely to swallow the whole house, you should still look for a sinkhole repair service. There are certain techniques that only our professionals know how to handle any type of property. Browse our website to find a solution for your sinkhole repair in Ocala.

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