Three Types of Asphalt Repairs in Mount Vernon, WA

Replacing a driveway can be cost prohibitive for many homeowners, so repairing yours can help keep it in good shape. A nice driveway can help maintain your home’s value and make your house easier to sell if you put it on the market. To keep it in good shape, here are some repairs that may need to be performed.

Patching Cracks

Between the sun beating down and heavy vehicles parking on the driveway, the asphalt can begin to weaken and crack. If cracks are not repaired as they form, then they can get longer and wider, thus making the driveway look horrible, but also potentially causing damage to your vehicle. By scheduling asphalt repairs in Mount Vernon, WA as soon as any cracks appear, your drive will stay in good condition and not be an eyesore.

Patching Depressions

Sometimes depressions or small sinkholes can form in an asphalt drive because the base layer has shifted or eroded beneath the surface. This problem can be the result of poor construction, but it also often happens as the driveway gets older and the base layer is washed away. Since many of these depressions are only an inch or two deep, they can be easily patched by companies who do asphalt repairs.

Repaving the Driveway

If you’re selling your property, then you may wish to consider repaving the driveway if it is badly cracked. A paving contractor can remove the surface, check the surface base and repair it if necessary, and then repave the driveway so it’s new again. If you’re interested in getting more information about repaving your drive, go to website Domain.

A drive that has cracks, depressions, or potholes can discourage offers on a house. However, if you take care of your driveway by performing any necessary asphalt repairs, you can help retain the value of your house and make it easier to sell.

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