Tips for Hiring a Roofing Contractor in Naperville IL

If you need to have the roof of your residential or commercial building replaced or repaired, it is imperative that you hire an experienced roofing contractor who is capable of delivering quality services that will not necessitate your having to incur unforeseen costs repairing the same roof all over again. Below are some important tips for hiring a Roofing Contractor in Naperville IL.

Conduct a research on several roofing contractors

Research widely and get a comparison of the various contractors’ service fees and warranties before selecting your ideal contractor. Avoid hiring a contractor on the basis of lowest pricing bids alone, you may get a raw deal when the contractor fails to deliver.

Verify that the roofing contractor has a valid business license.

Ensure that the contractor has the necessary roofing contractor license as required by the local authorities in your area and the state. The license implies that the contractor has passed the requisite test that qualifies him as a roofer in addition to identifying the business for tax purposes.

Ensure that the contractor has insurance

It is important that you hire a contractor with insurance. A worker’s compensation policy will ensure that you are protected in case the contractor or his employees get injured while working on your property, while liability coverage will protect you from any damage caused by the roofers on your property. Ensure that the insurance covers the entire period during which the roofing project will be taking place.

Get references

Visit the contractor’s website and examine the various reviews and comments made by their previous clients. You can also get information on the contractor’s reputation by contacting your state’s Department of Professional Regulations.

Obtain a written contract

It is important that you require the roofing contractor to provide a written contract containing detailed information about the project. Such information includes the length of the project, daily working hours, the roofing materials to be used, service fees and payment schedule.

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