Useful hints if your home is flooded

Water; whether it enters the home a result of a torrential rain storm and subsequent flood or it is the result of a broken water pipe, can certainly cause a great deal of damage in a very short time. There is no such thing as a “timely flood,” you can never be prepared for one, however, when there is, as a homeowner the reaction time is critical. It is possible to limit the damage but to do so it is imperative that action is immediate. Although water extraction in Milwaukee is a task that is best done by professionals, there are things that you can do in the interim.

Minimize damage:

The first thing is to take action designed to at least minimize the water damage, there are a number of things that you can do prior to the arrival of the professional cleanup team.

  • Turn off the power supply
  • Try to locate the source of the water and stop it if possible
  • Lift draperies and hang them over the rods to keep them dry
  • Remove small furnishings; leave the large furniture for the restoration crew

Extract the water:

Once the professionals arrive they can start on the cleanup, the conventional approach they take is:

  • Water extraction in Milwaukee starts with the use of equipment designed to remove any freestanding water that is on the floor
  • If it is considered necessary, carpets and under pads are removed for drying under controlled conditions
  • Commercial quality fans and dehumidifiers are used to bring the moisture content in the home back to normal

It is very important that the drying out process is monitored; using proper procedures will help minimize further damage, reduce the potential of mold growth and keep the overall costs as low as possible.

Professionals that deal with water extraction in Milwaukee are always in a position to work directly with your insurance provider. Visit Flood Doctors.

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