What Types of Services Do Engineering Companies in Wheeling, WV, Offer?

Whether you’re a commercial developer, someone trying to build a structurally sound home or anywhere in between, chances are you’ll seek out companies that specialize in engineering in Wheeling, WV. Though services will vary by company, here are some of the most common offerings.

Land and Building Development Services
Engineering companies typically offer services that survey land, analyze zoning and ensure compliance with local rules and regulations. Full-service companies will extend this to actually creating full architectural plans and constructing what clients request. During the building planning portion, these companies will ensure that your structure will be compliant with all applicable laws as well.

Water Planning and Management Services
Clients seeking services from companies specializing in engineering in Wheeling, WV, can expect to find water management services of all kinds. Given the mountainous terrain in the majority of West Virginia, managing stormwater issues is critical. These companies can help you plan and create plans for building dams and complete water management systems to ensure flooding doesn’t occur within your properties.

In addition to managing rain, these companies can also usually perform irrigation and ensure that properties have running water. Of course, this is required for any occupied dwelling.

Energy Creation and Access Management
Companies like this also usually provide services to help clients legally take advantage of natural resources on their property. Whether it’s mining for coal or drilling for oil and natural gas, they’ll usually know how to get permits and ensure everything is done legally.

If you are in need of these services, check out JHA Companies to schedule a consultation today!

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