When Choosing a Custom Home Builder in St. Augustine, Compare Warranties and Services

Finding the perfect home isn’t always easy. You have two choices when this is the case. You can either purchase a home and make the necessary renovations to have the home you’ve always dreamed of, or you can choose to make use of a custom home builder in St. Augustine area. Many remain under the assumption that building a custom home will cost significantly more than buying an existing one and remodeling it, but often that isn’t the case.

The actual cost of buying an existing home and then remodeling it depends on a variety of factors, including the extent of the remodeling needed. This can runs into the tens of thousands of dollars. Before you dismiss a custom home Builder St. Augustine, be sure to compare all options, and , when doing so, pay close attention to the warranties and services.

Before you sign with a builder, request a copy of the warranty which comes with the new home. Be sure to read this document carefully and ask questions if there is anything you don’t understand. If the Builder refuses to answer these questions, you’ll know to look elsewhere. You may also want to have an attorney review the document at your own expense; only you can decide if this will be necessary.

Most builders back the materials and workmanship for a period of one year, either on their own or through an insurance company. If you prefer the second option, you’ll need to find a builder who offers this type of program. If the builder isn’t part of this type of program, you won’t be able to obtain an insured warranty, which may be of importance to you.

Discuss how often walk-throughs will take place upon completion of the home. Most do a walk-though 30 to 120 days after you begin occupying the home. The second walk-through typically occurs during the eleventh month of possession, allowing the builder to detect and correct any issues before the warranty expires. This does vary by builder, so be sure to obtain this in writing. If a problem arises between walk-throughs, someone should come out immediately.

Consider the above when choosing a custom home builder. Building a custom home makes sense for many people. Complete satisfaction is only seen, however, in those cases where customers understand what they are getting for their money. Asking questions helps to protect you as the home buyer.

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