When to Hire Roofers in Rockledge, FL

by | May 20, 2020 | Roofing

A roof in good condition is a must in order to maintain a comfortable place to live. It cannot be left to fate, as the consequences of heat loss, poor ventilation or water seepage are particularly serious issues. Roofers in Rockledge, FL are there to answer any questions homeowners may have. With the aim of avoiding numerous unpleasant consequences and allowing the roof to live on in the years to come, here is a summary of the various roof repairs to be undertaken (if needed).

Shingle Roof Repairs

When it comes to shingled roofs, the first thing that must never be neglected is the shingle. In order to prevent possible water infiltration, each shingle must be glued using a sealer or use a “wet” or “dry” glue. This will give you the opportunity to perform the desired repair, even if the surface is damp. If the repair is minimal, you can limit yourself to buying a caulking tube.

If a homeowner needs to replace one or more shingles, they should do so strategically. Damaged shingles should be removed by lifting the sheet with a crowbar. It is imperative to start with the highest sheet. To install the new sheet, proceed from the bottom towards the top. The top sheet should be lifted to allow you to nail the top of the sheet to the roof. Be careful not to place new shingles on top of the old ones. The result would be a roof with an uneven finish and an unattractive appearance.

Soffit Repair

Considering that the soffits are guaranteeing the home proper ventilation inside the attic, homeowners must make sure that these are in a good state. Since repairing soffits requires touching the roof edge (fascia), it may be difficult and time-consuming to undertake this type of repair with the necessary tools to avoid damaging the aluminum or PVC (these two materials are most often used in the manufacture of soffits). Therefore, use an expert to make sure the appropriate corrections are made. If a person knows nothing else, they should remember this last note. If a homeowner does not feel comfortable performing these repairs, they should go no further than contacting reputable roofers in Rockledge, FL.

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